Bluechip Translations
C/ Paris, 209, 5º 1ª
08008 Barcelona - España
Teléfono: +34 93 363 26 80
Fax: +34 93 363 26 81


Corporate info

Backed up by over 30 years’ experience. Bluechip was founded as a family business and has grown at the pace of the market.

Centrally-located offices, a pleasant working environment and a wide-ranging portfolio of collaborators in all languages.

A company focused on translation and proofreading of texts in all languages.

The company has become consolidated as one of the most prestigious and competent firms in the translation sector in Spain. The loyalty of our clients is one of the basic linchpins.

Our day-to-day challenge is to go one step further in order to provide the client with the best service and satisfy agreed delivery deadlines. Top professionals from the sector contribute to our ongoing growth.


  • Leading companies from different sectors.
  • International translation agencies.

We work for the most prestigious companies, both in Spain and abroad.


  • Highly experienced professionals from the translation sector.
  • Translators who specialise in different subject matters.

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