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Work methodology

Work methodology (quality procedure, delivery deadlines and implementation).

Our project managers (university graduates in translation) supervise the entire process: from reception of the project through to final delivery to the client, including text preparation, subsequent review, etc. They work alongside the client to resolve any doubts or queries arising, and thus prevent wasted time that could delay the delivery deadline.

They also take charge of training the team of translators and proofreaders and providing them with the necessary means (CAT tools, glossaries, etc.) to ensure the project is completed with the required terminological and stylistic coherence, within the requested deadline.

We compile specific terminology glossaries on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency of terminology in all texts.

Once the translation has been completed, we carry out an internal revision of the texts to ensure the habitual standards of quality prior to final delivery to the client.

The delivery deadline is set by the client.  Where urgent, a delivery date will be arranged with the project manager.


The call to respond to clients’ needs has resulted in technical means that are ever more present in the world of translation. We use a wide range of translation computer tools such as CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools, terminology databases, online consultation portals, dictionaries, etc. These means ensure translation quality.

The CAT tools that we use habitually include Trados, SDLX, Déjà Vu, Passolo, Transit, IBM Translation Manager, in addition to the specific proprietary translation systems of large companies.

Professional team

Team of professionals (work capacity and specialities).

We have a large database of translators and proofreaders of all languages and specialities who solely translate into their native language.

All translators and proofreaders must pass a test to ensure their suitability for the job prior to working with us.

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