Founded as a family business and backed by over 30 years’ experience, Bluechip Translations has kept pace with the market by adapting to the latest technologies and the fields of specialization most in demand.

As a company focused on quality, we translate and proofread every text with extreme care and attention to detail at our centrally-located offices in Barcelona.

Our quality-oriented approach to the business has made Bluechip Translations one of the most prestigious and competent firms in the translation industry in Spain.
The loyalty of our customers, some of whom have placed their trust in us for more than two decades, is proof of both the quality of our product and the effectiveness of our service.

We challenge ourselves every day by going one step further and always providing the highest possible quality within ever-tighter deadlines by keeping up with the latest translation technologies and management systems.

In a business that seems to be increasingly turning to machines, our success is based on the people behind those machines:

  • our extensive network of reliable and experienced collaborators who have been providing quality translations for years and
  • our in-house team, which makes every effort to ensure our services arrive on time with flawless quality.

We love human contact, listening to our customers’ needs and finding the best solution to their problems, which is why we try to be as flexible as possible by undertaking each project with the most appropriate workflow and specialized professionals.


We look forward to getting to know you and hearing how we can help you!